Land Development Agency Bill 2021: Order for Second Stage

Bill entitled an Act to regulate relevant public land in order to increase the amount of land available for the provision of housing so as to address deficiencies in the housing market; for that purpose to provide for the formation of a DAC to be known as the Land Development Agency and confer functions on the Agency to develop and regenerate relevant public land for the delivery of housing and to develop and manage housing on that and other land, including with other persons or bodies; to enable the Agency to provide services to local authorities in order to assist them in the performance of their functions relating to housing; to enable the Agency to form subsidiaries for the purposes of carrying out its functions; to provide for the establishment and maintenance by the Agency of a Register of Relevant Public Land to identify land that can be made available for housing; to provide for acquisition by the Agency of relevant public land, including by means of granting it first refusal on a proposed sale; to provide for the compulsory purchase of land by the Agency; to provide for a requirement that a proportion of dwellings provided on relevant public land and former relevant public land be made available at a price below market price; to amend the Planning and Development Act 2000 to enable the Agency to perform functions of a development agency under Part IX of that Act; to amend the National Treasury Management Agency (Amendment) Act 2014 and the Housing Finance Agency Act 1981; to provide for the revocation of the Land Development Agency (Establishment) Order 2018 (S.I. No. 352 of 2018), the Land Development Agency (Amendment) Order 2018 (S.I. No. 603 of 2018) and the Local Government Services (Corporate Bodies) Act 1971 (Designation of Bodies) Order 2018 (S.I. No. 604 of 2018) and the transfer of functions, assets, liabilities and staff of the body established thereunder to the Land Development Agency; and to provide for related matters.
Question put and agreed to.