Ceisteanna (Atógáil) - Questions (Resumed)

On a point of clarification, after Deputies Mairéad Farrell and O'Reilly made their contributions on Second Stage of the Public Service Pay Bill 2020, there was a slot for the Labour Party but no Deputy from that party was in the Chamber. I understood that a Government speaker was then to have the floor, after which it would revert back to Deputy Clarke. I am here in the Chamber instead of Deputy Clarke-----

That is not a point of order. I do not need to be advised on how the House operates. The first part of any parliamentary process is that Members be present in order to conduct the business. When the two very effective contributors for Sinn Féin had spoken, there was nobody else in the Chamber offering and, therefore, the Minister was called on to respond. That is the way the system works. I am afraid we cannot go running around after people who have not bothered to turn up on time.

What the Ceann Comhairle is saying is not right. He asked the Minister to respond-----

Excuse me, Deputy.

If I may finish-----

The Deputy is not a wet week in the place. What I am saying is absolutely correct.


The Deputy is not making sense, he is not speaking from his designated seat and he is out of order.

What I am saying is right.

You are not. You could not be more incorrect.