Air Navigation and Transport Bill 2020: Instruction to Committee

I move:

That, pursuant to Standing Order 187, it be an instruction to the Select Committee on Transport and Communications in relation to the Air Navigation and Transport Bill 2020, that it has power to make amendments to the Bill which are outside the scope of the existing provisions of the Bill, in relation to:

(a) amendments to strengthen the national aviation safety regulatory framework for aviation activities of the Irish Coast Guard (IRCG) and align it with European aviation safety regulations. It is proposed to do this in two ways:

(i) by way of statutory amendments to the Irish Aviation Authority Act 1993 to require that the Irish Aviation Authority consider the public benefit while making regulations specific to the aviation activities of the IRCG; and

(ii) that the Minister may make Regulations to exercise the option in Article 2.6 of Regulation (EU) 2018/1139 (Common Rules in the Field of Civil Aviation) to apply certain elements of the European Regulation to coast guard and search and rescue aviation activities.

(b) to amend the Air Navigation and Transport (Amendment) Act 1998 to increase the Statutory Borrowing Limit of the daa.

Question put and agreed to.