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Joint Committee on Agriculture, Food and the Marine debate -
Tuesday, 12 Jun 2018

Scrutiny of EU Legislative Proposals

We will deal first with a number of EU legislative proposals. Schedule A, COM (2017) 692 is a proposed Council regulation regarding the quantitative limitation on buying-in skimmed milk powder. As a political contribution is now agreed, it is proposed that this proposal, as amended, does not warrant further scrutiny and that a copy be sent to the EU institutions. Is that agreed? Agreed. COM (2018) 179 is a proposed regulation on the transparency and subsidiarity of the EU risk assessment in the food chains. It is proposed that this proposal does not warrant further scrutiny. Is that agreed? Agreed.

Regarding Schedule B, COM (2018) 199 and COM (2018) 229, it is proposed that these proposals do not warrant further scrutiny. Is that agreed? Agreed.

The committee will suspend now for a few minutes to allow our witnesses to take their seats.

Sitting suspended at 4.24 p.m. and resumed at 4.26 p.m.