Election of Vice Chairman

The first item of business today is the election of a Vice Chairman. Are there any nominations?

I nominate Deputy Christopher O'Sullivan.

Deputy Christopher O'Sullivan has been nominated by Deputy Devlin and seconded by Deputy Alan Farrell. Have we any other nominations? No.

I will now put the question: “That Senator Deputy Christopher O'Sullivan be elected Vice Chairman of the committee.”

Question put and declared carried.

I thank my proposer, seconder and everybody else for agreeing to nominate me to this position. It is a huge honour. I see my function as supporting you, Chairman, our fearless leader. As such I will be there to support you whenever called upon. I do not expect that to occur on many occasions because I know your passion and commitment for this whole area and for the committee, so I do not expect to be called into action that much. I will certainly be there if required. I look forward to working with the rest of the committee as well. Judging by the contributions last week, we all have a common purpose and desire to drive forward the work of this incredibly important first-time Joint Committee on Climate Action. I thank members for their support and look forward to the months and years ahead.

Thank you, Deputy, for your generous words and congratulations on your election. I certainly am confident that if I have to call on you, you will be a very good Vice Chairman of the committee.