Business of Joint Committee

Are the minutes of the meetings of 11 February and 6 May, agreed? Agreed.

I apologise. I will be unable to stay for the entire meeting as I have a deputation waiting.

I remind members and those in the Visitors Gallery that all mobile devices should be switched off completely for the duration of the meeting as they interfere with the recording equipment in the committee room. Please respect this instruction.

Correspondence includes an e-mail dated 11 May 2010 from Hilary Daly.

I propose we receive a presentation from Trócaire about Colombia.

Is that agreed? Agreed. It is proposed to note correspondence from the president of the Irish Congress of Trade Unions, David Begg, in response to the recent appearance of the Minister for Foreign Affairs before this committee on 6 May 2010 regarding the human rights situation in Colombia. Is that agreed? Agreed.

I wish to serve notice of two matters, one is that Ezra Yitzhak is being sent to jail. The committee is aware of the work he has been doing which is non-violent work. I ask that we deal with this at the next meeting. He is an Israeli civil rights worker. The other matter is the case of the two Malawian young men who have been thoroughly abused by that government and Amnesty International is greatly concerned for their welfare. They are very courageous people. I will send a note on both of those issues to the Chairman. I believe these two issues come within the remit of the committee.

Senator Norris is correct that they come within the remit of this committee. I will be happy to include them on the agenda.

I thank the Chairman.