Business of Joint Committee

We are in public session. We have not received any apologies.

On the draft minutes, correspondence and draft work programme, following our private meeting this morning, are the minutes of the meeting of 7 October, the actions relating to the seven items of correspondence and the draft work programme agreed? Agreed.

Do members wish to raise any other matters?

For the public record, I asked last week that we would write to the head of the HSE and the Chief Medical Officer, CMO, on mesh implants and the implementation of the measures that were put in place to support survivors. I think we should write to the HSE and the CMO to get their information. We might then write to the survivor groups, of which there are two in the State, to get a sense from them as to where they see it. Following that we could consider it.

The second issue was the clinical advisory group that was set up to look at the issue of medical cards for the terminally ill. It has been sitting on the Minister's desk for weeks, and perhaps months. The committee should write to the Minister to find out when that report is likely to be published.

We agreed that at our private meeting so that will happen.