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Thursday, 16 Nov 2006

Business of Joint Committee.

Senator Browne should move his motion.

Before doing so, I have a question. The Chairman has indicated that representatives of the National Treatment Purchase Fund cannot come before the joint committee next week. While I realise this is short notice, is it possible to invite the author of the Leas Cross nursing home report before the joint committee?

While I will invite him, I cannot guarantee his attendance. It would be up to him to decide. Is that fair enough?

Very well. Can members be tipped off in advance by the Department of Health and Children as to when reports are due? I know it is slow to give precise dates. However, it would do no harm in future if members had some indication as to when reports were due for publication so that people could come before the joint committee at approximately the same time.

Very well.

I know it is not always possible to get exact dates.

We will try.