Election of Chairman

Clerk to the Committee

I wish to make an announcement about the delayed notification of the committee meeting. A number of members have advised me that they did not receive notification of the committee meeting, which was sent on Friday, 13 November last, although it appeared on the schedule. This was caused by an IT issue that has since been rectified. The official invitation was sent yesterday, 18 November 2020. On behalf of the Houses of the Oireachtas Service, I wish to apologise for this delay. Emails were sent to members on Tuesday and telephone calls were made on Wednesday, 18 November.

Do the members wish to defer the election of Chairman until next Thursday, 26 November 2020, due to the short notice of this meeting?

We are happy to proceed.

Clerk to the Committee

The first item on the agenda is the election of the Chairman of the committee. In accordance with the orders of the Dáil and Seanad, I invite nominations for the position of Chairman.

I propose Senator Eileen Flynn.

I second the proposal.

Clerk to the Committee

As there are no other nominations, I must now put the question: "That Senator Eileen Flynn be elected Chairman of the joint committee."

Question put and agreed to.

Clerk to the Committee

I declare Senator Eileen Flynn elected as Chairman and I invite her to take the Chair.

Senator Eileen Flynn took the Chair.

First, I am delighted to see some very familiar faces in the room as well as some new faces. I thank every member, from the bottom of my heart, for committing to be on this Joint Committee on Key Issues affecting the Traveller Community. There is some unfinished work. In the previous Dáil the committee had a brilliant Chairman, the former Senator Colette Kelleher, who started a great deal of work. I thank her for all her hard work. I also thank the Ceann Comhairle for establishing this special committee. We look forward to tackling some of the inequality and issues that impact on the Traveller community, and I look forward to working with all the members. I propose that the committee go into private session. Is that agreed? Agreed.

The joint committee went into private session at 2.09 p.m. and adjourned at 2.44 p.m. until 2 p.m. on Thursday, 3 December 2020.