Business of Joint Committee.

I thank members and Deputy Moynihan for taking on the role of Chairman in my absence. I understand the committee passed a vote of sympathy to Deputy Ring on the death of his father. I also want to be associated with the sympathy vote on his sad loss. On 'any other business', a number of members indicated we might have another meeting prior to the end of July. There is a difficulty about next week, which would be our normal slot. Perhaps 2.30 p.m. on 29 July would suit colleagues? Perhaps some colleagues would like to meet on Wednesday?

I agreed yesterday to a council meeting on Tuesday because I thought we might have a meeting on Wednesday.

I will put it this way, I will ask the Clerk to the committee to check the possibility of meeting on Wednesday, as many of our colleagues will arrive on Wednesday.

Many politicians go to the Galway Races on 30 July.

I know. The Clerk is committed to other important business. She has done a very good job for us and she may be able to get a substitute Clerk. We may examine the possibility of holding the meeting on 23 July.

A matter that we will have to address at that meeting are the carers' submissions and the procedures for dealing with them. I am sure the Clerk will let us know about that. I thank the Clerk for delivering some very detailed submissions to each of our offices in the past week. I thank both her and her assistant for their help.

The joint committee adjourned at 4.25 p.m.