Business of Joint Committee

I remind members to turn off their mobile phones as they interfere with the recording equipment.

Nos. 304 and 304(a) is an email and briefing attachment from Ms Cait Hayes regarding "The external dimension of EU tourism policy". It is proposed to note this correspondence. Is that agreed? Agreed.

No. 305 is a letter from Deputy Eamon Ryan on the MetroLink proposals which we have discussed in private. This is the subject of next week’s meeting.

No. 306 is an email from Mr. Chris Smith, private secretary to the Minister for Transport, Tourism and Sport, forwarding a briefing note on an article that appeared in The Irish Times on a legislative flaw regarding the roadside impairment test. That was published on Monday and commented on how gardaí could not test in certain circumstances due to a technical fault in the law. It is proposed to note this correspondence.

No. 307 is an email from Deputy Catherine Murphy requesting hearings in the autumn on the regulations of sales of second hand aircraft to offshore commercial entities. Deputy Murphy was to discuss this. She has sent her apologies to this meeting but we may refer it to her for comment at the committee's meeting next week. Is that agreed? Agreed.