Business of Joint Committee (Resumed)

I refer to correspondence which the Chairman may have mentioned without me hearing. The committee has received correspondence from LocalLink requesting that the restructuring of LocalLink is put on the agenda for September's meeting.

The clerk to the committee is saying that he received that yesterday and did not get time to put it on the agenda.

I propose that we include that on the agenda for September's meeting.

We can have it next week.

The correspondents have asked for September.

That is no problem.

I propose that the committee discuss the matter during the first sitting in September, and that the committee invite representatives from LocalLink to hear their views on the restructuring.

Absolutely, I agree with that. I have been in communication with them as well. It has further implications. It is a question of whether only voluntary bodies will be able to submit tenders for the contract, as opposed to commercial entities along with voluntary bodies. The issue there is that commercial companies are employed by voluntary bodies to perform the work.

There are concerns around it.

They are concerned that they may lose contracts. That is an important issue. It will be officially on the agenda next week.