There is a matter that I would, with the permission of the Seanad, bring to their attention. I understand that the accommodation for the reporters of our proceedings is not as comfortable as it might be. We make every allowance. We know quite well our chamber has been furnished somewhat in a hurry, and, therefore, things are not everything that they will eventually be. I do not for a moment find fault with anybody, but there are one or two small improvements that might be made, perhaps immediately, and perhaps if we represent this to the proper quarter these improvements will be carried out at once. In the first place, the desk at which these gentlemen, our recording angels, operate, is very narrow. Possibly it could be slightly widened. I also understand that the room outside in which they do their writing is very uncomfortable, inasmuch as the door does not close. Now, I do not want this chamber to be a Cavern of Aeolus, and I would request that representations be made to the proper authority to have a screen outside the door, so as to make the apartment comfortable for the gentlemen who are recording our proceedings.