The two matters on the Agenda, you will notice, refer to two Bills that have been sent up from the Dáil. The first of these, I mentioned to you on the previous evening, told you it was coming up, and explained it was essential it should be passed before we separate for the Christmas vacation, because it is for the purpose of keeping alive laws that would otherwise expire and technically come to a termination at the end of the year. Unless they were renewed they would cease to exist, consequently it is a technical matter, but at the same time it is an urgent one. The second Bill is for the purpose of postponing the elections which normally would be held in January next, and if this Bill is not passed, these elections would have to go on. The Dáil has determined, and the Government, I understand, are of that opinion, that in the public interest the elections should not be held for some time to come. Accordingly you will see that this second Bill is also an urgent and a pressing one, more particularly, perhaps, concerning the Dáil. Probably the Seanad will be prepared to adopt, with regard to both those Bills, the same course that it took with regard to the Bill that came before us at the last sitting, and if that is the view of the Seanad if some member will kindly move the suspension of our Standing Orders, we can put these two Bills through without delay.

I beg to move the suspension of the Standing Orders.

I beg to second.

Question:—"That the Standing Orders be suspended," put and agreed to