That concludes the business, and there is nothing urgent that will require any further meeting of the Seanad until after the expiration of our Christmas vacation. I think probably it would be wiser for us not to fix a date for the reassembling of the Seanad, because it is not quite certain yet what date would be convenient. I do not think that the Seanad will require to meet before the 5th January. Subject to what the Seanad thinks, I suggest you better leave the arrangement of a date to your Chairman. He will see you will get plenty of notice of the next sitting. If you are agreed to that, the Seanad will now adjourn generally. I wish every member of the Seanad a very happy Christmas.

I beg formally to move the adjournment of the Seanad.

I beg to second that motion.

Motion put, and agreed to.
The Seanad adjourned at 5 p.m.