Motion made and question put: "That the Bill be now received for final consideration in the Seanad."
Motion made and question put: "That the Bill be now passed."

On a point of order, since we have gone through the whole routine of our procedure, in the beginning this Bill should have been brought in by somebody, and I submit to the Seanad, now that this Bill has been passed, that nobody has brought it in. I do not know how you are going to remedy that slight defect. You will have to manage it somehow and put it down in the name of somebody or other, since you have gone through all the formalities named in your Standing Orders.

I wish to point out that the Standing Orders were suspended, and I think that the Senator is wrong and that it is quite in order.


I think that the proceedings, so far as they have gone, have been very orderly. The next business is a motion that stands in the name of Senator Sir Thomas Esmonde.