In asking permission to submit this motion I desire that the Seanad of Ireland should associate itself in sympathy with our sister Nation of Canada in the loss she has sustained by the destruction of the Cathedral of Notre Dame at Montreal. This loss to Canada is nothing short of a national calamity. Notre Dame was the religious centre of Quebec. It was Canada's oldest historical monument. It was the most interesting church historically in North America, and one of the most interesting churches in the world. Those of us who have been privileged to worship in this venerable shrine can specially feel for Canada in the destruction of this beautiful edifice, with its historical associations, and the treasures of art it contained. Therefore, the resolution I invite the Seanad to approve is no mere perfunctory expression, but a genuinely conscious effort to convey to the Canadian people our strong feeling of sympathy with them in this great misfortune. The world and our civilisation are the poorer for their loss.

I have the honour to move:—

"That Seanad Eireann desires to convey to the people of Canada the expression of its sympathy with them in the destruction of Notre Dame Cathedral, at Montreal; and to associate itself with them in their regret in the loss of their oldest national monument. And that copies of this resolution be transmitted to the President of the Canadian Senate, at Ottawa, and to His Eminence Cardinal Begin, Archbishop of Quebec."

I beg to second the motion.

Motion put and agreed to.