A motion has been handed in by Lord Glenavy, and in his absence I propose to move it:—

"That in accordance with Article 34 of the Constitution, and with Standing Orders 65 to 70, an election to fill the vacancy in the Seanad caused by the resignation of Mr. Mansfield, be held on the 21st day of February, 1923."

I beg to second that motion. I would also like if you could inform the Seanad as to whether there is any particular form upon which to send in nominations, and whether you have received any official intimation regarding another resignation from the Seanad.


No official form has yet been printed. I will give directions that a temporary form be prepared at once and be available at the end of this meeting for handing in nominations. As to the other question, I have had no information, and no official information has yet reached us as to any resignation. I have only seen what appeared in the Press. I may point out that, according to our Standing Orders, any resignations should be sent in in writing and addressed to the Cathaoirleach. Therefore, so far as we are concerned, it is not a resignation until that is received.

I handed in a question just now.


A question has been handed in by Colonel Moore, asking if the Committee under the restrictions of the export of Irish Cattle, set up by resolution of the Seanad on the 20th December last, has met, and if any progress has been made. I am informed that the Committee met on two occasions, but so far we have not received any report from them. I propose formally to put the motion I have read, motion 3 in the Orders of the Day.

Motion put and agreed to.