The next motion is also a formal one, standing in my own name, dealing with the business of the Seanad. Members of the Seanad will remember that it was left to be decided by lot as to which of the nominated members of the Seanad—those nominated by the President—should hold office for twelve years and which should hold office for six years. As far as the elected members are concerned, their term of office has already been determined by the Constitution. It is, therefore, only with the 30 nominated Senators that we are concerned, and I propose the following motion:—"That in accordance with Article 82, Section (d), of the Constitution, which is as follows:—

"Of the thirty nominated members, fifteen to be selected by lot shall hold office for the full period of twelve years, the remaining fifteen shall hold office for six years,"

a selection by lot be held for the purpose named in such section on the 8th day of February, 1923.

The procedure to be adopted for this purpose shall be as follows:—The names of the thirty nominated members shall be written on uniform slips of paper, which slips shall be open to the inspection of all Senators present. The Clerk, by direction of the Cathaoirleach, shall place the slips in a bag, and they shall be drawn out by the senior elected Senator present. The first fifteen names so drawn shall be those of the Senators to hold office for twelve years."

I beg to second the motion.


I may say the Legal Officer of the Government was consulted as to whether the wording would be in order, and I understand he said that it was the correct method in accordance with the Constitution.

Motion put and carried.