As the attendance of Senators is small at the moment we will proceed with the selection by lot of nominated Senators to hold office for periods of twelve and six years.

On a matter of information, might I ask if in the event of any one of the first fifteen Senators selected dying or resigning before the period of twelve years is ended, how will the vacancy be filled? Will it be filled by any of the remaining fifteen, or by a person who might be elected to fill the place of the deceased or resigned Senator? Is that provided for?


If the Senator will read the Constitution he will find that that is provided for. The position, I think, is this: Should any Senator resign or die his place will be filled by co-option in the Seanad. The person so co-opted holds office until the next triennial election. At that election, instead of fifteen members there will be sixteen, seventeen, or whatever the requisite number might be, elected. The first fifteen elected will hold office as provided for normally. Assuming there was only one vacancy which had been filled by co-option, the sixteenth would then take the place of the Senator who had resigned or died, and would hold office for whatever term remained, whether it might be a further three, six, or nine years. It is stated much more shortly in the Constitution, but it is not exactly clear. I believe what I have stated is the correct position.

In accordance with the resolution passed yesterday the Clerk has prepared slips of paper with the names of the thirty nominated Senators. They are now ready for inspection, and it would be convenient, and would put matters in order, if two of the nominated Senators would check the list.

Senators Sir Nugent Talbot Everard and James Moran checked the list accordingly.


The thirty names have been checked over and verified by Senator Sir Nugent Everard and Senator James Moran. I will ask Senator Mrs. Alice Stopford Green to kindly draw out the names. She is the senior elected Senator present.

Will those whose names are first drawn hold office for twelve or six years?


The first fifteen names will indicate the persons who will hold office for twelve years.

Senators to hold office for a period of twelve years were selected in the following order:—

Senator the Dowager Countess of Desart,

Senator the Right Hon. Sir Horace Plunkett,

Senator the Right Hon. the Earl of Dunraven,

Senator J.C. Dowdall,

Senator Colonel Sir W. Hutcheson Poë.

Senator the Right Hon. the Earl of Mayo,

Senator Sir Thomas H. Grattan Esmonde,

Senator Henry S. Guinness,

Senator George Sigerson,

Senator the Right Hon. Earl of Kerry,

Senator James Moran,

Senator Sir John Keane,

Senator Mrs. Wyse Power,

Senator Martin Fitzgerald,

Senator the Right Hon. the Earl of Granard.


The remaining nominated Senators hold office for six years.