Before we take the Local Authorities (Extension of Time) Bill, which is largely non-controversial, it might be well, although we have not got a formal motion for the adjournment, to consider to what date we will adjourn.

The Government may be desirous of having the Compensation Bill completed early. No cases, I understand, can be brought before a Court during April.

Not during the April sittings, but we intended to have special sittings if the Bill were passed.

Perhaps the President would kindly let us know when the Government want the Bill.

We are anxious that this Bill should be dealt with as speedily as possible. Obviously, there is a good deal of suffering and a good deal of feeling that those people are being forgotten. On that account we would be particularly anxious that the Seanad would give this Bill their earliest consideration. The Government would be very pleased if it could be taken at the earliest possible moment. We would undertake then, on our part, to arrange for special sittings of the Courts, so that those cases could be heard. In the meantime, we are acting on the authority we have got in connection with personal injuries. I should have mentioned that the reason why there was a Central Committee was that occasionally there was a remarkable discrepancy between the amounts awarded in different counties, such as Donegal and Wexford, Galway and Clare. The Central Committee would naturally distribute the awards more evenly and fairly: It will sit as soon as possible after Easter, even though the Bill does not pass for another fortnight or three weeks.

The Seanad should meet as soon as possible under those circumstances.