Before the Seanad separates I wish members would consider, so that we can discuss it to-morrow, a suggestion made to me on behalf of country members. They have found it very inconvenient, especially in making fixtures of a business character, that there is not a more definite understanding as to the sittings of the Seanad. What they propose, I understand, is this: that the Seanad should sit regularly with intervals of a fortnight, that is to say, they should sit this week, clear off all the business then available, whether it takes one day to do it or three days, and having done that, wait for another fortnight before they reassemble. If there were actually no business for that day fortnight, or business that would only occupy a short space of time, it would be still in my power to send notice to the effect that they would not be required. On the other hand, if something urgent turned up in the interval, it would be within my power to convene them within the fortnight. The suggestion is, that there should be a general understanding, so that Senators would be able to fix their business engagements with more certainty, that the meetings of the Seanad should be held fortnightly, beginning on Wednesday and continuing for the session until the available business was disposed of, and that that being disposed of, the Seanad should be adjourned for a fortnight. I should like Senators to turn that over in their minds between this and to-morrow.

I should like to say that when Senators are considering this, they should realise that to some members it means a loss of three days to attend here. They have to travel on Tuesday to get up to Dublin. They spend Wednesday doing business here, and then the best part of Thursday is taken up going back home.


The business of to-morrow will be capable of being disposed of by 5 o'clock if we meet at 3. It will not be necessary to meet at 2.30, as I had at first intended. The agenda which I see before me is capable of being disposed of in two hours. We shall now adjourn until 3 o'clock to-morrow.

The Seanad adjourned at 5 p.m. until Thursday, the 13th of March, at 3 p.m.