Ministers and Secretaries Bill, 1923, Reported.


The next item on the Orders of the Day is the Local Government (Collection of Rates) Bill, 1923. The Minister for Local Government was here recently, but he is now in the Dáil. While we are waiting for him we could dispose of the only remaining item, the Report of the Joint Committee on the temporary accommodation of the Oireachtas. Item No. 5, Second Report of the Standing Committee on Standing Orders, we will allow to stand over. The Joint Committee appointed to consider means by which differences between the two Houses might be adjusted are about to complete their report. This report, if accepted by the Seanad, will involve substantial additions to our existing Standing Orders. Therefore, we think it better that this report should not come up piecemeal, and that we should postpone sending it in until we are ready to include all the amendments that we now think are desirable. With regard to the Housing Bill, which was read a second time to-day, I have received a letter from the Government requesting me not to have the Committee Stage of the Bill on the Orders of the Day to-morrow. Although Senators will receive Orders of the Day in which the Bill is included for to-morrow, it will not, in fact, be taken up then, but will have to stand over to suit the convenience of the President. While waiting for the Minister for Local Government we might dispose of No. 6 on the Orders of the day—the Report of the Joint Committee on the Temporary Accommodation of the Oireachtas. Senators have the Report in their possession and in order that they may be in a position to discuss it, perhaps some Senator will propose its adoption.