With regard to Items 14 and 15 upon the Order Paper, I would like to remind the Seanad that when the report mentioned in Item 14 was presented to the Seanad in March last they agreed upon my suggestion to let it stand over until the report dealing with Item No. 15 on the Agenda was ready, because there was another Committee known as the Joint Committee on Procedure in regard to Seanad amendments to Bills which was preparing its report. As that report, we anticipated, would involve an addition to our Standing Orders, the Seanad, on my suggestion, agreed that the report of the Standing Committee on Standing Orders should be postponed until this Second Report came up. Therefore, I think it would be more convenient now if Item No. 15 were taken first, because No. 15 will involve further addition to our Standing Orders and will save the necessity of a second alteration in the print.

I move Item 15: "That the Report of the Joint Committee on Procedure in regard to Seanad amendments to Bills be adopted, and that the Draft Standing Orders recommended for the Seanad be numbered 92a, 92b, and 92c, respectively, and incorporated in the Standing Orders of the Seanad."

I put down that motion because it seemed necessary to have more than a mere formal proposal. It will be remembered that the Joint Committee recommended that both Houses should incorporate Orders upon similar lines. They are identically the same Orders, with the verbal alterations necessary as between the Dáil and the Seanad. I hope the House will agree.

I beg to second the motion.

Question put and agreed to.