I want to inform the Seanad and to get their help and assistance in a matter regarding those two Bills to which we gave a Second Reading to-day, namely, the Witnesses Oaths Bill and Private Costs Bill, 1924. There is apparently so much work at present being done in the Dáil that it is difficult to get hold of any person with whom arrangements could be come to. Senator Douglas and I thought it would be a wiser course to refer those two Bills to a small Select Committee. They were introduced by Senator Douglas and supported by Senators Brown and Barrington. If we were to refer those to a Select Committee, one or two hours on Tuesday would dispose of them and they would be available on the Report Stage for us on Wednesday. Therefore, if a Senator proposes that those two Bills be referred to a Select Committee—a Select Committee of four with a quorum of three would be probably enough—we might take the matter as being disposed of. I presume there will be at least four Senators patriotic enough to give two or three hours of their time on Tuesday afternoon to dispose of those two Bills in Committee. If that is the view of the Seanad, some Senator might propose that those two Bills be referred to a Select Committee of four.

I move that.

I second.


The Motion requires to state the names of the Committee, the Chairman, and the quorum, and perhaps, as Senator Douglas is not here, this would be a good opportunity of appointing him Chairman. Senator Brown should, I think, be on this Committee, also Senator Guinness and Senator O'Farrell.