I should mention in connection with the Dairy Produce Bill, which was referred to a Select Committee and thoroughly thrashed out by experts, and which we discussed two days on the Report Stage, that the Minister is very anxious to have it in operation before Christmas. As far as I can see, there will be no business of sufficient importance to justify me in asking the Seanad to meet at any rate before a fortnight, and probably three weeks. That might embarrass the Minister and make it too late for him to have his Bill disposed of in the Dáil so as to become law before Christmas. On the one hand it is important that these Bills should have thorough investigation and that we should be very particular about the different stages in our procedure, but, perhaps the Seanad might, in the case of this particular Bill, in view of the ransacking it got here, be prepared to suspend the Standing Orders to let it be finally considered.

I think this Bill has been thoroughly discussed here and in other places. That being so, I move that the Standing Orders be suspended for the purpose of taking the Fifth Stage of the Bill.

I beg to second.

I do not want to oppose the motion, but I would like to get a pledge from the Minister that if things do not fit in, and if any necessary verbal amendments are required, that should be introduced on the Fifth Stage, he will not blame the Seanad.

I will give that undertaking, because I got the Bill fully considered. The various amendments have been considered, and I think there is very little danger that that contingency will arise. On the other hand, it would be a great convenience to me, and an advantage, if we could have the Bill before Christmas.

Motion agreed to.
Question—"That the Dairy Produce Bill, 1924, be received for final consideration and do now pass"—put and agreed to.