There is a Motion down in the name of Senator Sir John Keane, who apparently is not in his place to-day. It is one of apparent public importance, and it would be of great advantage to the House if it was discussed in the presence of the Minister for Finance. Perhaps, Mr. O'Higgins, you would communicate with him, and say that if he could arrange to be here we would fix some date that would suit his convenience.

I can find out what the prospects of his being present would be.

Would it be possible to get from the Minister any statement as to the adjournment of the other House?

Under all the circumstances, I think that it is not likely that this motion of Sir John Keane could come on before the Recess.


Of course, the Senator probably put this down in anticipation of our meeting on Wednesday, but in view of the situation I came to the conclusion that it would be more desirable for us to meet this week on Tuesday so that we might be able, by sitting this week, to avoid convening the Seanad for next week. I do not like putting it away or disposing of it in the absence of Senator Sir John Keane, but I am quite sure that he will fall in with that suggestion.

Is it likely to be taken to-day?


Not to-day. It is only as to whether there is any date this week, or whether it would be more convenient for the Minister if it was put off until after Christmas. It is not very urgent, and I am sure that Senator Sir John Keane will fall in with any arrangement that would secure the Minister's attendance.