Certain amendments have been handed in, in connection with this Bill, and under the Standing Orders dealing with Private Bills it is my duty to determine whether the proposed amendments, either by reason of their importance or the introduction of new matter, should or should not be referred back to the Committee for consideration. I am pronouncing no opinion with regard to those amendments, save that I think from their contents that they are of sufficient importance to require reinvestigation by the Committee, and, therefore, I so rule.

In anticipation of your ruling, I have prepared the following resolution, which I move:—

"That the Dublin United Tramways Bill, 1924, be re-committed in pursuance of Standing Order 94, Private Business, to the Joint Committee, for the purpose of considering the proposed amendments."

As this is the first occasion on which amendments were proposed on the Report Stage of a Private Bill, these amendments have been proposed by me in my official capacity on behalf of the Promoters of the Private Bill.

I second the motion. Motion put and agreed to.