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Seanad Éireann debate -
Wednesday, 28 Jan 1925

Vol. 4 No. 4


I beg to move the following amendment:

In Section 6, sub-section (1), to delete the sub-section.


I think the Senator ought to make this amendment intelligible to the Seanad. On the Committee Stage of the Bill, he proposed an amendment to Section 6, and it was arranged that he should bring that amendment up on the Report Stage. What I want to know now is, if the Senator is withdrawing that amendment?

Amendment put and agreed to.

I beg to move the following amendment to the Title:

On page 2, line 13, to delete the following words inserted after the word "revision" in Committee: "and for the appointment by the said Board of certain qualified persons to supply for a limited period the places of certain retired members of the said Board."

With the leave of the Seanad, I desire to withdraw the amendment passed in Committee.


I am afraid the Senator is not making his object very plain. As I understand it, the Senator is not withdrawing anything, but he is proposing an amendment to delete certain words which, at his request, were added to the Title of the Bill on the Committee Stage. You want now to delete the words that were then added and to leave the Title of the Bill in the shape it was when originally produced.

That is so.

I am not quite clear as to the object of this amendment.


It is not easy to be clear about it, and I wish Senator Moran had explained it more fully to the House. The position, as I understand it, is this: In Committee an amendment was proposed by Senator Moran which would have enlarged the scope and purpose of the Bill, and, conscious of that, the Senator had an amendment down which the Seanad adopted enabling him to alter and extend the Title of the Bill. He is now withdrawing that amendment. Therefore, the necessity for enlarging the Title of the Bill no longer exists, and it will go back to what it was before it was amended in Committee. That, as I understand it, is the object of this amendment.

Amendment put and agreed to.


That disposes of the Report Stage of this Bill. The Final Stage will be taken tomorrow.

If I be in order, I beg to move the suspension of the Standing Orders so that the remaining sections of the Bill can be disposed of to-day.


Again, Senator, you are not expressing what you wish. All the remaining sections of the Bill have been disposed of. Apparently, what you are now asking is quite a different thing—it is that the Seanad should suspend the Standing Orders to enable the Bill to be finally passed.


As a general principle I think we should stick to our Standing Orders.


I was going to say that I do not intend to accept the Senator's motion, for the reason that there is no urgency about this matter. The Bill, of course, will have to go back to the Dáil, which will not be meeting for some time, and, therefore, there is no urgency about taking its Final Stage to-day. I propose fixing the Final Stage for tomorrow.

Final Stage fixed for Thursday, 29th January, 1925.