Constitution (Amendment No. 12) Bill, 1928—Fifth Stage.

Question proposed: "That the Bill be received for final consideration and do now pass."

We are not in the habit of making speeches for the sake of making speeches in this House, but it seems a pity that we should pass the final stage of a Bill which carries an amendment to the Constitution, which this House has been agitating for about six years, without some reference to the fact that it leaves us in a very much better position than before, from our point of view. We hope it will never be exercised, and that there will never be a dispute as to what is or what is not a Money Bill. One thing is certain that, with the passing of this Bill and the consequential alteration of the Constitution, it is possible—whereas it was practically impossible before—for this House to challenge such a decision if the occasion arises, and if the majority of the members of the Seanad wish to challenge it. It is probably not perfect but I think it is a great improvement from our point of view.


I am glad Senator Douglas alluded to the matter because a great deal of thought was given to it here. I quite agree that it is a much better Bill now than when it came to us.

Question put and agreed to.