Public Business. - Agricultural Produce (Potatoes) Bill, 1931—Fourth and Fifth Stages.

Question proposed: That the Bill be received for final consideration.

I move:

"Section 6, sub-section (3). To delete paragraph (c)."

On the last day on which the Bill was before the House, the Minister agreed to accept a small amendment to allow a grower who hitherto has not been an exporter of seed or potatoes to obtain a licence. By deleting paragraph (c) of sub-section (3) of Section 6, the change which I wish to effect will be brought about. The Minister agreed to accept this change, but I am not of the same opinion as the Minister that the change is merely academic. When grain crops are practically useless as cash crops, it might in the future be good business for every farmer to conserve his second-size potatoes and export them for seed, if possible. That is the idea I have in moving the amendment.

I agree to accept the amendment.

Amendment agreed to.
Main question put and agreed to.


This Bill has been amended only in two trifling particulars. Perhaps the House would agree to take the Final Stages to-day.


Question—That the Bill do now pass —put and agreed to.