Agricultural Produce (Fresh Meat) Bill, 1931—Second Stage.

Question proposed: "That the Bill be now read a Second Time."

This Bill is quite simple. Its purpose is to extend the period for application for the provisional registration of slaughter premises from twelve months to eighteen months. It will enable me to agree to provisional registration more than once. The original Act was too rigid. Application for registration of premises had to be applied for within twelve months. We want to extend that to eighteen months. Under the original Act, provisional registration to enable an owner to make changes in his premises so as to come within the requirements of the Act could only take place once. If he applied afterwards he could not get provisional registration. I am asking under this Bill to get the right to give provisional registration more than once. The net effect of the Bill is that the premises must be put in order not within a period of twelve months, but within a period of eighteen months.

Could the Minister give some information to the House as to how the Act has been progressing up to now?

I have got no trouble. If it were not progressing fairly well I think I would.

Question put and agreed to.