Public Business. - Public Charitable Hospitals (Amendment) Bill, 1932—Second Stage.

I beg to move the Second Reading of this Bill. The object is to include the National Consumption Hospital in County Wicklow among the hospitals which have got the benefit of the Irish Hospitals Sweepstakes. I am sure it needs no words of mine to recommend it to the House. The hospital was established many years ago and it has treated thousands of patients from all parts of the Free State. Last year it treated something like 300 patients and I am sorry to say its financial position is not at all satisfactory. It is living on an overdraft and that is an extremely unhealthy life for a hospital. In addition to making up the deficit on the working of the hospital they want to introduce surgical treatment in the cure of consumption. They want also to add to their X-Ray treatment and to build additional accommodation for their nurses. The Bill went through the other House absolutely unopposed. After the Second Reading it was referred to a sub-committee, who considered all the facts and recommended that no amendment was necessary to the Bill. I therefore commend it to this House and I hope the result will be the same and no amendment will be necessary.

I wish to second the motion.

I should like to ask one question in connection with this Bill. As I came into the House an envelope was put into my hand which, on opening, I found to contain a statement of receipts and disbursements for the Grand National Sweepstake. I take it, given as it has been to me, that it is an official document and I should like to know whether in the course of the discussion on this Bill, possibly on the Committee Stage, it will be in order to draw attention to some of the items in this statement of account.


I should not like to answer that off-hand. When the question arises I shall try to deal with it.

Question put and agreed to.
Committee Stage ordered for next sitting day.
The Seanad adjourned at 6.50 p.m. until Wednesday, June 29th at 3 p.m.