Customs-Free Airport Bill, 1947—Committee Stage.

Bill passed through Committee without amendment.
Agreed to take the remaining stages to-day.
Bill received for final consideration.
Question proposed: "That the Bill do now pass."

I did not have an opportunity to speak on the Second Stage and I should like—I do not often have the opportunity—to congratulate the Minister unreservedly on this gleam of economic sunshine in a very gloomy economic world. This is a foretaste of a growing tendency to remove barriers and to get back to sanity in economics. I was surprised that Senator Duffy said that the Bill was of no value because it did not benefit citizens who live outside the reserved area. Anything that will make for freer movement of trade will benefit everybody, and, however remotely the Bill may benefit the ordinary people living outside the happy area, it is to be welcomed. I hope it is an augury of some measures of the same kind to come.

Question put and agreed to.