Order of Business.

It is proposed to take business as on the Order Paper and to take, if there is time, Motion No. 5 in the names of Senators Kissane and Cogan.

There is a point about the Irish Nationality and Citizenship Bill, 1956, which I should like to bring to the attention of the House. The period of 90 days allowed for the consideration of Bills by the Seanad, as laid down by Article 23 of the Constitution, is due to expire in the case of the Irish Nationality and Citizenship Bill on 9th July. We made an Order yesterday evening postponing the Report Stage to a later date than that. With the consent of the House, I propose that the Order made last evening to take the Report Stage on Wednesday next be discharged and that the Report Stage be taken at 7 p.m., or earlier, if Government business concludes before that hour.