Waterford Gas Order—Motion of Approval.

I move:

That the Waterford Gas Orded, 1956, proposed to be made by the Minister for Industry and Commerce, and laid in draft before Seanad Éireann on the 22nd day of November, 1956, under sub-section 4 of Section 10 of the Gas Regulation Act, 1920, be approved.

This is a routine procedure.

I did not stand up because I was expecting to hear from the Minister some explanaction in connection with this matter. I have a few points I should like to make, but I was waiting for the Minister to give us some account of the purpose underlying this motion and to let us know what exactly is going on. I should also like to ask——

May I help the Senator in regard to the matter? The intention was that the Parliamentary Secretary would move the motion. It is a formal motion which has to be moved from time to time, whenever there is any interference with gas rates. The Parliamentary Secretary thought it would not be reached so soon. If the Senator wants an explanation, perhaps he might defer the matter until the Parliamentary Secretary comes along?

I might be able to make the few comments I want to make. Perhaps I will hear the answer from the Parliamentary Secretary when he returns.

Does the Senator desire to proceed?

I am quite happy to have the matter stand adjourned. On the whole, if the Parliamentary Secretary wants to deal with it, I had better reserve my remarks until he is present.

Debate adjourned.