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Seanad Éireann debate -
Wednesday, 16 Apr 1958

Vol. 49 No. 4

Greyhound Industry Bill, 1957—Committee Stage.

Sections 1 to 10, inclusive, agreed to.
Question proposed: "That Section 11 stand part of the Bill."

I understand that, at the moment, there are employees of the Irish Coursing Club who have duties at the various race tracks. They are responsible to the Irish Coursing Club for the duties they perform there. Most of them are part-time employees, but some in Dublin are, I believe, whole-time. It would seem that this new board will take over the function of the Irish Coursing Club in this connection as this section provides for the appointment by the board of officers and servants. Would the Minister say if it is his general intention that the board will carry over the people already in the employment of the Irish Coursing Club at these race tracks, particularly in Dublin where they are whole-time employees?

I have no function in regard to Section 11, as, once the board is established, it will exercise the powers conferred on it by the section about employing people. I cannot bind the board, but I have no doubt that if suitable persons are engaged in discharging duties which the board desire to have performed, they will be very carefully considered, as a matter of ordinary justice and equity, by the board, but beyond that I cannot go.

With regard to the recruitment of staff, that would be entirely a matter for the board? They will not be under any obligation, for example, to advertise? Boards sometimes are under that obligation, by legislation.

I assume they may advertise certain posts but the number of people qualified to fill certain of these posts would be very limited.

Will the staff be a smallish staff? I suppose it will.

That I cannot say.

It is usual, is it not, that where, by legislation, the employment of certain employees is interfered with or they are made redundant, provision is made by the new legislation to carry them over or to make compensation to them. I should like the Minister to go just a little further and say that where these people are suitable, he would expect that their employment would be continued.

I could not commit myself to that extent. The circumstances in which this board is being established are somewhat peculiar. The board is being set up and the Bill is being enacted as a result of the report of an advisory committee. In the course of that report, the committee found itself justified in passing certain strictures upon the conduct of certain of the existing greyhound tracks. In these circumstances, I think the board will have to be left absolutely independent in its choice of personnel.

I said "where suitable".

I think it can be assumed, as already mentioned by Senator Hayes, that the number of persons qualified is indeed limited and therefore it will be compelled to consider people who are suitable.

Question put and agreed to.
Sections 12 to 53, inclusive, agreed to.
Schedule and Title agreed to.
Bill reported without amendment.
Report Stage ordered for next sitting day.