Poisons Bill, 1960—Report and Final Stages.

In discussing an amendment in the name of Senator O'Quigley, I indicated that I thought that what he was really concerned to prohibit, if he could, was the giving gratuitously of a poison in any container which was used for keeping non-poisonous substances. I thought the essence of the matter was the giving of a poison by way of gift rather than its transfer by sale. I indicated I would have that point examined and, if necessary, bring in an amendment on Report Stage to deal with it.

I have taken advice on this matter. I am told that the words "distribution and supply" cover the point adequately. However, in order to put the matter beyond doubt, Government amendment No. 1 has been drafted.

Government amendment No. 1:
In page 5, between lines 17 and 18 to insert the following:
"‘supply' includes giving without payment, and cognate words shall be construed accordingly."

I should like to express my appreciation of the Minister's attention to my amendment. I think the Government amendment will meet the situation which I sought to meet by my amendment on the last occasion and by amendment No. 2 today. By inserting this amendment, we may possibly avoid unnecessary loss of life which has occurred up to the present time. Regulations can do no more than set a standard of behaviour, very often. This amendment, when it becomes a subject of regulation by the Minister, will, I hope, bring home to the community at large the danger of putting poisonous substances in containers normally used for non-poisonous substances.

Amendment agreed to.
Amendment No. 2 not moved.
Bill, as amended, received for final consideration and passed.