Military Service Pensions (Increase) Bill, 1964 (Certified Money Bill): Second and Subsequent Stages.

Question proposed: "That the Bill be now read a Second Time."

The purpose of this Bill is to give formal legislative approval for an increase in military service pensions arising from the 1963 Budget. The increase is 5 per cent, the same as that granted generally to State pensioners, and it is being paid with effect from the 1st November, 1963. A Supplementary Estimate approved by Dáil Éireann on the 28th November, 1963, enabled the payments to be commenced.

The increase is costing £33,000 per annum.

What has already been said on the other Bill applies to this one, too. Even though it may be insufficient, it is well to have it. I understand that a further increase is provided for in the Budget in respect of this particular pension. Will that be five per cent on the pensions as they will stand after this Bill is passed?

The 1964 Budget will provide a five per cent increase on the pension as increased by this five per cent.

Five per cent on the amount as increased by this Bill? The Minister nods. Very good, we agree.

Question put and agreed to.
Agreed to take remaining Stages today.
Bill put through Committee, reported without recommendation, received for final consideration and ordered to be returned to the Dáil.