Order of Business.

Today's Order of Business is Items 1 to 4, inclusive. I understand that there will be a request from the Dáil for a motion to be dealt with in relation to the Oireachtas Joint Committee on Foreign Affairs. I hope that we can deal with this at 2 p.m. I will inform the House when the motion has been dealt with in the Dáil. It is intended that we will deal with the Committee and Final Stages of Item 1, the Irish Horseracing Industry Bill, 1994. It is also intended that we will deal with all Stages of Item 2, the Milk (Regulation of Supply) Bill, 1994. There will be a sos on the completion of Items 1 and 2 after which we will take all Stages of Item 3, the Oireachtas (Allowances to Members) (Amendment) Bill, 1993 and Item 4, the Dún Laoghaire Harbour Bill, 1994. The Adjournment matters will be taken at the conclusion of business.

I agreed with the Government Whip that we should take all Stages of the Milk (Regulation of Supply) Bill, 1994. However, I have been informed by my party's spokesperson on the issue that he wishes to table some amendments. Perhaps I could discuss this with the Whips without taking a firm view on it at the moment.

May I express, on behalf of my party, our sympathy with the former Leas-Chathaoirleach, Mr. Joe McCartan, on the tragic death of his son yesterday. All Members would like to convey their deepest sympathy to the McCartan family on their tragic loss.

A few weeks ago I asked the Leader if he could give an assurance that when the beef tribunal report is published, the House will be recalled to discuss it. The timing of the publication of the report is solely a matter for the tribunal itself, but given that this House was instrumental in setting up the tribunal and that it is likely the report will be published during the summer, it is essential that the House be recalled so that Members can give the report full scrutiny and have a full discussion on it. I would like an assurance on this before the two Houses rise.

I had intended raising, under Standing Order 29, the plight of the Centre for Independent Living. All of us have met the people involved outside the House over the last day or two. It is a matter of serious concern. You have allowed the matter to be raised on the motion for the Adjournment, Sir, and I will not raise it in the manner I intended. I appeal to Members from all parties to give this motion every support. All of us have been impressed by the work of the centre and the sad plight in which it finds itself. It should be possible to find funding to allow it to continue.

Do not steal Senator Norris' thunder. I am sure he does not mind.

I would never do that. The Senator knew I was going to raise the matter. Will the Refugee Bill be taken during this session and will it apply to Members of the other House who are seeking refuge from a sinking ship?

I thank Senator Manning for his support of the motion on the Centre for Independent Living. He mentioned this to me yesterday and I am grateful to him. I understand that there is widespread support in the House for the motion. Far from being irritated by a possible stealing of my thunder, it is an issue we all take seriously. It is not a private issue and the property of any one Member. It will be supported by the whole House and I hope the Minister will be able to do something for us. I am also grateful to you, a Chathaoirligh, for selecting it because, as Senator Manning indicated, the people involved spent last night in their wheelchairs outside the Oireachtas. It is a tribute to their courage and determination that they did so. They made a very dignified protest.

The Leader suggested he was going to deal with the question of a request from the Oireachtas Joint Committee on Foreign Affairs at 2 p.m. Presumably this is for the use of the Chamber tomorrow.

No, it is a different matter entirely.

I would like to be here for this because I am one of the five representatives of the Seanad on the committee, but some of its members will be having a meeting with some of the Pakistani delegation so it will not be possible for me to be here. This does not indicate a lack of interest. Perhaps I might have a word privately with the Leader.

I have no difficulty with the Order of Business as presented to us by the Leader. I am agreeable to taking all Stages of the Milk (Regulation of Supply) Bill today.

I join with Senator Manning in expressing our condolences to Mr. Joe McCartan and his family on the death of his son.

Yesterday the Leader indicated that today he might be able to tell us what legislation is to come to us between now and the end of the session. Has he any idea whether we will be able to debate Northern Ireland, as we have requested several times in the past?

On behalf of this side of the House, I wish to be associated with Senator's Manning's condolences to Joe McCartan on the death of his son.

Item 12 on the Dáil Order Paper deals with the request we will be discussing. Next week it is intended to deal with the Fisheries (Amendment) Bill, the Investment Limited Partnership Bill, the An Bord Bia Bill and to begin the Heritage Council Bill. It is also possible that we would deal with Second Stage of the Solicitors (Amendment) Bill. We may also take Second Stage of the Heritage Council Bill. We will know before noon today whether we will deal with Northern Ireland next week. If that is the case, I will ensure that the office informs the various Whips.

I have noted Senator Manning's comments in regard to the Beef Tribunal and will pass them on. The Refugee Bill will not be dealt with. I will not comment on anything else he said as it might be taken that I have a personal interest.

Order of Business agreed to.