Business of Seanad.

I propose an amendment to the Order of Business. With the agreement of the House, the Aviation (Preclearance) Bill 2009 [Seanad Bill amended by the Dáil], Report and Final Stages, will be taken prior to taking the other legislation ordered for today.

Is that agreed? Agreed.

On a point of order for clarification purposes I understood we were to take the Housing (Miscellaneous Provisions) Bill immediately after the Local Government (Charges) Bill. Is this no longer the case?

I apologise to the Senator. We anticipate that the Aviation (Preclearance) Bill will pass through the House in a short period of time; the other Bill may take far longer. I ask the Senator for his continued support if that is at all possible.

I do not believe the other Bill will take that much longer but in any event I seek an adjournment of the House for five minutes.

Is that agreed? Agreed.

Sitting suspended at 8.50 p.m. and resumed at 8.55 p.m.