Establishment of Committee on Future Funding of Domestic Water Services: Motion

That, notwithstanding anything in Standing Orders—

(a) a Special Committee (hereinafter referred to as ‘the Committee’) is hereby appointed, to be joined with a Special Committee to be appointed by Dáil Éireann, to form the Joint Committee on the Future Funding of Domestic Water Services. The Joint Committee shall consider the report of the Expert Commission on the Future Funding of Domestic Water Services, and report thereon, with recommendations, to both Houses of the Oireachtas, in accordance with paragraph (h);

(b) the Expert Commission shall, as soon as is practicable after it adopts its report, forward the report to the Clerks of both Houses, who shall arrange for the report to be laid in the Parliamentary Library, whereupon the report shall stand referred to the Joint Committee;

(c) the number of members of the Committee shall not exceed four, Senator Pádraig Ó Céidigh shall be a member of the Committee, and the other members shall be appointed as follows:

(i) one member appointed by the Government, and

(ii) one member each appointed by Fianna Fáil and the Civil Engagement Group;

(d) the Cathaoirleach shall announce the names of the members appointed under paragraph (c) for the information of the Seanad on the first sitting day following their appointment;

(e) the quorum of the Joint Committee shall be eight, at least one of whom shall be a Member of the Seanad, and one a Member of the Dáil;

(f) the Chairman of the Joint Committee shall be Senator Pádraig Ó Céidigh;

(g) the Joint Committee shall have the powers defined in Standing Order 71(1), (2), (3), (4), (5), (7), (8) and (9); and

(h) the Joint Committee shall report to both Houses of the Oireachtas by 28 February 2017, or within three months of its first public meeting, whichever is the later."

Question put and declared carried.