Business of Seanad

Given that we started late because the Order of Business went over time, I ask for the indulgence of the House to allow us to have the Greyhound Racing Bill 2018 finished this afternoon. I propose, notwithstanding the order of the House today, that we conclude the Greyhound Racing Bill 2018 this afternoon. I am sure the Clerk could give me the formula of words we would need to use to do that. It is important to ensure the Greyhound Racing Bill 2018 is concluded this evening. We set 3 p.m. as the time for the end of the debate but I ask the House for its support in ensuring we can get the Bill finished.

Is the Leader proposing an end time?

I am not because I do not know how long it will take.

In fairness, as we have said it is 3 p.m., are we going to extend it?

As Leader, I am obliged to ensure we get legislation finished. I accept that debate on the other Bill will not happen because of the vote on the Order of Business. We need to get the Greyhound Racing Bill 2018 finished this evening. We have started late.

We can see how we progress. We hope to get it done by then.

To be fair, it was the Leader's objection to the amendment to the Order of Business that caused most of the-----

That is not correct.

It is correct to say the voting on the Order of Business required because of the objection to the amendment proposed to the Order of Business caused a significant chunk of the delay that meant we did not finish the Order of Business by 12.45 p.m. We only started business at 1.15 p.m., meaning that we were delayed by half an hour.

One could contend that Fianna Fáil's playing politics with the Bill in question also delayed us.

This is also eating into the time for the Greyhound Racing Bill 2018. I suggest we get going on it as soon possible and get the Minister of State in here.

Will we be adjourning at 3 p.m.?

We will conclude it by 3 p.m. if we can. If the time needs to be extended, the Leader will do it close to the time.