Recognition of the 75th Anniversary of the Founding of the United Nations

This week is the 75th anniversary of the founding of the United Nations, in which Ireland has a proud record of service. Our Defence Forces have served with distinction overseas on behalf of the UN since 1958, and in every hour of every day of every year since there has been a member of our Defence Forces on duty on behalf of people and of peace. No other nation on Earth has such a record of service. They have served in Liberia, the Congo and Lebanon.

In recognition of the service and sacrifice of thousands of Irish men and women and on the 75th anniversary of the founding of the UN, whose ideals still hold the best hope for the future of everybody on this planet, the Ceann Comhairle and I have decided to fly the flag of the UN, on behalf of Senators and Teachtaí Dála, in the grounds of Leinster House. The flag is a symbol of peace between people and it flies next to our flag, which is also a symbol of peace between people.