In this Section there is a grammatical error. The word " are " in line 3 should be " is or are."

In Sub-section (3), line 2, after the words " the Corporation shall let," I propose to insert the words " or sell."

I think that it is all right.

The Chairman could advise us whether, if the word " let " is allowed to stand alone, the Corporation will be prevented from selling if they wanted to sell.

I think they could sell under the Land Clauses Act. That is my recollection. If you put in " let or sell," it can do no harm.

If I got a bit of land I should like to have the right both to let it or sell it.

I think they have power to sell it, but I am not quite sure. I think under the Land Clauses Act they have power to sell surplus land that they may not use. That is my recollection. I would recommend you to put in " let or sell." It can do no harm.

It is the rule at present that all property of the Corporation is either let or sold with the concurrence of the Minister.

The sanction of the Minister is only required when it is a question of a private treaty.

In everything that the Corporation does with its lands and leases the Minister for Local Government can interfere.

They cannot enter into an agreement without the sanction of the Minister.

I would put in the word " sell."

Very well ; put it in.

Amendment of Colonel Moore agreed to.
Question : " That Section 3 as amended stand part of the Bill," put and agreed to.