The Gárda Síochána shall be distributed and stationed throughout Saorstát Eireann in such manner as the Minister shall from time to time direct.

I wonder if the Minister, on a point of information, would be able to say if there are many districts now without Civic Guard barracks that previously were policed by the R.I.C. ?

Our total establishment provides for 837 stations, and we have got all but about 50 of these occupied at the moment. Per head of the population in comparison with other police forces, taking the population of the Saorstát at 2,750,000, the proposed strength of 5,319 gives one Guard for about 520 of the population. In comparison with other Forces, the D.M.P. would have one for each 400 of population and the R.I.C. had one for each 400.

Section 6 put and agreed to.