Report of Select Committee.

I propose the following draft report. " The Select Committee on Agriculture, Food and the Marine has considered the Merchant Shipping (Investigation of Marine Casualties) Bill, 1999 and has made amendments thereto. The Bill is hereby reported to the Dáil." Is the report agreed?

Report agreed to.

Ordered to report to the Dáil accordingly.

I would like to thank the Minister and his officials for attending today. We got through our work in very short time and I thank the members for their co-operation.

I would like to thank Kieran Grace for reassuring me on many aspects related to jetskis, an area in which I was very interested.

I would also like to compliment the officials but I hope that in future we will not be given a Bill when we are actually going on board ship. Happily everything worked out well in the end. I thank the Minister.

I thank the Deputies for their constructive response to the Bill. It is important legislation in many respects and the inclusion of the last sections on the fast powered craft is timely. I am delighted it was possible for us to insert that measure in the legislation so quickly. We have asked the local authorities to move quickly in terms of the by-laws and that they would consult with the people who are now governed by these rules and with other people. Representations have been made to me to ban jetskis on various lakes and so on. That should not be done but the area should be regulated, controlled and zoned as proposed in the Bill.

I thank my officials for the very efficient work they have done in respect of the Bill and in particular on that section, which is excellent. I apologise again for the mix-up on the last day.

What section of the Department will be handling the hazardous substances Bill, which will go through the Dáil next week or the following week, if one wanted to discuss different aspects of it?

The man on my right.

The Select Committee adjourned at 3.30 p.m. sine die.