The Select Committee met at 4 p.m.
Members Present:

Deputy L. Aylward,

Deputy M. O’Rourke (Minister for Public Enterprise),

Deputy M. Brady,

Deputy T. Sargent,

Deputy S. Coveney,

Deputy E. Stagg,

Deputy B. Daly,

Deputy E. Wade.*

Deputy T. Enright,*

*In the absence of Deputies J. Mitchell and N. O'Flynn.
DEPUTY S. DOHERTY in the chair.

Yesterday we agreed we would sit until 8.30 p.m.

Unless we finish earlier.

Yes. Does anyone want to make provision for a break?

I suggest we see what progress we make. I think we could finish Committee Stage.

We will review the situation at 6 p.m. Is that agreed? Agreed.