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Special Committee Companies Bill, 1962 debate -
Wednesday, 9 Jan 1963



Before we commence, I want to recall, as I said at our last meeting, that this Committee is obliged by Standing Orders to follow the same procedure as is followed on the Committee Stage of a Bill in the Dáil. We must now proceed to consider this Bill, section by section, as in the Dáil. The amendments which have been circulated will be taken, in turn, at the appropriate points. At its last meeting, the Committee decided that amendments which members may wish to propose as a result of our discussions on the Bill here should be recommitted to this Committee. To meet the wishes of the Committee on this matter, and to comply with Standing Orders, it will be necessary for the Minister in due course to move formally in the Dáil for the recommittal of such amendments.

I understand the Minister wants to keep an urgent appointment before lunch and has requested that we adjourn at 12.30 p.m.

The Chairman has stated exactly what we agreed the last day. I am quite willing to move whatever motion is necessary in the Dáil to recommit what would be Report Stage amendments to this Committee, having considered the Bill in this form today and on subsequent days.

It is rather awkward that we have got our printed copies only this morning. We have already made all our notes on the stencilled copy. It is not too easy to carry them in again on the printed copy. I hope we shall give each other some little latitude in regard to time.


Amendments were being received up to the last moment and consequently it was not possible to circulate the printed list earlier.

It is just that it may not be quite as easy to keep up in point of time as if we had our notes on the printed copy.

I had no advantage over the members in that connection.

The Minister has two advantages.

We shall see what we can do with it.