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Special Committee Companies Bill, 1962 debate -
Tuesday, 12 Mar 1963


Question proposed : " That Section 155 stand part of the Bill."

This is the same as Section 5 of the Act of 1959 which was enacted shortly after our own committee reported.

It is exactly the same?

There is no change in Section 155 compared with the corresponding provision in the 1959 Act?

No, it is exactly as enacted in 1955.

There is hardly any point in discussing it, so, at the moment.

Yes, if the Deputy wants to.

I want to ask a question in relation to a point of interpretation —" a company shall, subject to subsection (3), be deemed to be a subsidiary of another if, but only if that other is a member of it . . ." That means that the company, as such—that is, that the corporation—is a member of it. Is that the correct interpretation of it?

That is right.

And, therefore, that the corporation would appear in the register?

Its name would appear in the register of members.

And that is a sine qua non ?

Question put and agreed to.